Matrix Opti Straight Japanese Hair Straightening Cream - Normal

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Matrix Opti Straight Japanese Hair Straightening Cream - Normal ondition : Brand new, sealed, never open Size: Matrix opti straight straightening cream - Normal hair 125 ml Matrix opti straight conditioning neutralizer - 125ml Model: Matrix Opti Straight Hair Straightening Cream - Normal for Normal or Thin Hair types A professional hair straightening kit by Matrix with multi Ionic technology. It is an easy to use, gentle hair straightener that effectively straightens the curl of natural curly hair with Auto Control Technology. Matrix opti straight can be used as a cold smoothing system or more prominent results can be attained by combining with a flatiron and blow dryer. It is an easy to use, gentle hair straightener that effectively straightens the curl of natural curly hair. Relaxed curls, manageable waves or totally straight sleek hair full of shine. Benefits of this natural hair straightening treatment. - It is formaldehyde free. Unlike keratin hair treatment and Brazilian blowout, this hair straightening service by Matrix is safe for the users. - Moisturizes and gives you healthy looking hair - Unlike other hair straightening treatments, this treatment doesn't lead to hair breakage. - You get straighter, smoother, softer and natural looking hair. All our products are sourced from manufacturers that don't test on animals Direction: Step 1 Clean & Prepare your hair Perform preliminary strand test. If it breaks or discolors, do not use the hair straightening cream or relaxer product. Step 2 - Applying Straightening Cream Part hair into 4 sections. Virgin application: Beginning at the nape of the neck take a horizontal parting ½ inch deep. Retouch applications: only apply Straightening Cream on the re-growth.After applying hair straightening cream comb through gently using a wide toothed comb and minimal tension. Comb downwards guiding hair into straight configurations. Smooth hair with fingers. Step 3 - Processing Cover your hair using plastic wrap.Be sure the hair is smooth before the plastic wrap is applied. Set timer for the appropriate number of minutes using the following timing: Sensitized/Color Treated 10-25 minutes. Normal 15-30 minutes. Resistant 20-35 minutes. Do strand test after first 10 min and then after every 5 min. Step 4 - Rinsing Wash your hair with warm water for 7-10 min. Make sure to remove all the cream. Towel dry your hair carefully and gently remove any tangles with a wide tooth-comb. Step 5 - Flat Ironing Blow dry until hair is 80% dry. Part your hair into sections and use flat ironing for 2-3 times on every strand for perfect finish keeping your hair very straight and tangle free. Step 6 Applying Neutralizer Part hair into 4 sections as before.Wearing gloves apply Neutralizer with an applicator bottle beginning at nape from roots through end. Do not apply directly scalp. Smooth hair with fingers onto plastic cape. Leave the neutralizer for 10 minutes while continually smoothing hair with fingers so that it remains straight during neutralizing. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water for 5-7 minutes. Towel blot hair and gently remove tangles with wide-tooth comb. Blow dry hair with fingers until 80% dry, then us brush to create finished style. Remember , Not to wash, pin band, braid or clip hair for 48 hours. Wait 14 days before coloring hair

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