Lady Boss® - Hair Straightener Brush - 2.0,Anion instant Magic Silky Straight Hair Styling, Anti Scald Anti Static Ceramic Heating Detangling Hair

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Manufacturer Description

Do you find it difficult and annoying to use a flat iron straightner as it requires a lot of efforts and patience in straightening the hairs? Or

Is it because it's too laborious you never go ahead with straightening of your hairs? Or

Are you looking for a hair straightener but not sure which one to buy?

Well, we have a single solution to all your problems and you will love it for the many benefits it offers:

? The most revolutionary hair straightening technology
? Best solution for quick straightening - ideal for models, fashionistas and professionals
? 2-in-1 - uses PTC ceramic stones and ionic technology in combination for exceptional results
? Easy to use - A comb glides through your hairs more easily as compared to a flat iron straightner
? Provides Silky, Smooth, and Glamorous hairs, in addition to Efficiently Straightened Hair
? Tangle-free hair, an incredibly clean brush, no tufts or clumps of hair to dig out or accumulate
? Better Temperature Control Through PTC technology, Display and Temp Controls on handle
? Unlike flat iron straightner no chances of hotspots or hair burning
? Anti-Scath Technology prevents your skin and hair from any injury - worryless straightening
? Versatile - functions as a ceramic iron straightener, detangling brush, anion hair massager
? Works over wide range of temperature - from 150 to 230 degree centigrade
? Reduces Frizziness and Seals Cuticles
? Comes with a 360 degree rotatable cable tail for ease of use
? Suitable for use anywhere in world - input voltage ranges from 100V-240V for worldwide use


So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW and get world's most incredible Hair Straightener Ceramic Brush!

Product Features

REVOLUTIONARY 2-IN-1 HAIR CARE TECHNOLOGY - Lady Boss Hair Straightener brush clubs two revolutionary technologies to ensure effective hair care. The brush has ceramic stone hair bristles which work as small ironing plates to provide uniform temperature throughout, thus resulting in effective hair straightening without any hotspots. In addition, it uses ionic technology to make your hair silky smooth and reduces frizziness, split ends, knotting, etc. SAFE FOR YOUR HAIR AND SKIN - Ceramic Stones are positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating elements with self-limiting temperature characteristics, thus ensuring absolutely safe and predefined temperature for your hair that never exceeds its limits. The use of combing instead of a traditional hair straightener also reduces contact time and thus eliminates the chances of burning your hair. This is a US patented Anti Scald Teeth Design which is becoming the new industry standard. ANION MOISTURISING AND HYDRATING CARE - The built-in Anion generator emits negative ions that interact with your hair such that they turn into soft, silky and lustrous hair while sealing the hair cuticles, reducing frizziness, split ends, and knotting. You get tangle-free hair, an incredibly clean brush, no tufts or clumps of hair to dig out or accumulate. It also makes deep hair oil massage or treatment a lot more effective and safer due to better temperature control. INSTANT AND CONSTANT HEATING - The ceramic stones used in the comb gets heated up almost instantly and allow you to immediately start using the straightener. Moreover, they also very quickly recover the lost heat and thus maintain the constant heat during the combing or straightening process. It can be set to desired temperature using the built in LED screen and the temperature settings range from 150? for straighter, finer hairs to 230? for thick and curly hairs. THE BEST DEAL - This is industry's most incredible hair care product which works as Ceramic Iron Straightener, a Detangling Brush, and also as an Anion Hair Massager. Moreover, it has ANTI SCALD TEETH design that gives you the confidence to use it without the fear of burning your fingers and hands. We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence.

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