How To Choose The Best Hair Straightener

Professional flat irons feature innovative technologies that provide women the best styling. These straighteners maintain consistent temperatures and have higher quality plates, hence the reason why they are used in beauty salons. If you are searching for a hair straightener, read this article now. Before you pick a flat iron, consider your hair length and […]

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Fast Straightening Hair Brush

I am reviewing one of the MANY hair brush straighteners out there. Take notice that this is only my review of this particular hair brush straightener. If you are looking for higher quality ones they are available out there. Do your research! You pay for what you get.

I’m getting a few comments that say I need to go faster, or i need to go slower or i didn’t wait long enough for it to heat up or I didn’t turn it on correctly. Come one people it is not rocket science lol The brush dials up as it reaches each heat setting and I went fast and I went slow. So if you didn’t watch the video, it is hard to form an honest opinion. I used it as directed. I don’t see how else to get this particular brush to work, so maybe its a faulty one. I’m just saying it isn’t hard to use, and i shouldn’t have to twist my wrist, grab an equivalent to 30 pieces of hair, sacrifice a goat and chop my left toe off for it to work better lol But thanks for the help and thanks for watching 🙂

Straightening Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Learn about the best way to straighten hair with a flat iron with help from a dedicated hair stylist in this free video clip.
Straightening your hair with a flat iron only requires the right technique and a little bit of patience.

No matter what type of hair you have or what length that hair happens to be, there is a hairstyle that is right for you. Get tips on how to choose hair products, styles and more with help from a dedicated hair stylist in this free video series.